El Hadji Djibril Niang, ​ ACN Preisdent

Our Story

Message from the President, El Hadji Djibril Niang

We are at an important time in history and are eager to work with our current and future partners on initiatives that will increase the potential and capacity of our community.    We hope you consider joining and/or contributing to the mission and vision of ACN. 
Together we can make a difference. 

ACN Committee Chairpersons

About ACN Committees

Education: Leads the community interests in educational areas; Advocates for ESL and other training in English as a means of success in the U.S.; Identifies avenues for scholarships/financial support; Educates the community in general on African geopolitical issues; Strengthen the connection between Africans and African-Americans and foster a greater sense of multicultural unity.

Advocacy: Speaks on behalf of the African community; Promotes positive African image within media, community and discourse; Defends the rights of the African community; Provides legal and advocacy support to those in need; Raises awareness of African needs among local, state and national leadership.

Economic Development: Cultivates business opportunities for the African community; Foster an entrepreneurial spirit within the African community by providing seminars and workshops; Develop partnerships with investors and other stakeholders to strengthen entrepreneurial opportunities; Promote connections between African and African-American businesses.

Health: Leads the effort in areas of health education and access for the African community; Identifies health resources; Conducts community outreach efforts to connect with and educate the community on critical health issues.

Social/Cultural: Engages the community in efforts to promote and preserve African traditions and cultures; Organizes social and cultural events for the community to increase understanding of and connection to African culture and knowledge.